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Project Development

Course: HCI 440 - Introduction to User-Centered Design

Team Members: Vicky Moreira , Alap Raval,Basavaraj Malagi, Mona Albusaysi




To understand how travelers who exercise (three or more times per week) regularly stay committed to their exercise goals while traveling.

Tools, MyBalsamiq, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Photoshop, and inDesign.


I collaborated with my team members to conduct interviews, analyses and ultimately report our findings in a deliverable.


Interviews and usability testing


Target Audiance


To make tourism experiences more interactive, instructive, and interesting while minimizing fatigue, distractions, and boredom. With this application, we want to encourage people to travel more and become more aware/knowledgeable of all the great cities around the world. We want people to leave the Skydeck feeling like they have learned something and have a better understanding of the city of Chicago, in addition to improving their visit to the Skydeck generally.

Our system users are mainly two types of tourists: adult tourists (ages 18+) and child tourists (ages 5 - 15).

Provide tourists information such as relevant historical facts/anecdotes, building descriptions, and pictures of Chicago’s most popular areas, Skyscrapers, and landmarks in one single platform. In addition, BirdEye Chicago will provide fun features such as 3D zooming, virtual view of actual streets, building maneuvering (drag and drop), borders and animated effects for picture taking, and space to store notes and pictures to give users an up-to-date thorough experience in this technological world.


First, we interviewed people that we enjoy traveling and own some type of technological device. Then, we observed them visting the Willis Tower. Below are our findings:
  • Kids preferred visiting places, which had more entertaining sorts of activities, where adults preferred visiting historicplaces and doing some adventure.
  • While they traveled they loved taking photos and sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • People shared their anguish over going through a lot of websites to see reviews, to choose a good restaurant in that area, to book a hotel.
  • Some people preferred hiring a tour guide when they visited historical places but did not necessarily want to hire a tour guide for other parts of their trip in Chicago.
  • All of them use their mobile extensively when they travel.When specifically asked about their experience visiting the Skydeck, people who have not been there believe it may be an exciting place to visit and it is definitely on their list to see during their next visit.
  • People who have visited the place like it, but wish there was more things to do there than just seeing the city.
  • People wanted to do things like see the city while ascending and descending the building, an interactive learning tool to know about famous landmarks in the city, a 3D view, and a virtual tour of the city from the top.
  • They like the idea of pointing at particular place from the top of the building and knowing its details.
  • People dislike waiting for long periods of time before getting in and also unhappy about the experience of buying the ticket.
  • People want easier ways to plan their itinerary.
  • People want to have more control over how they spend their time and what they learn, as opposed to being forced.
  • People want a good photographing experience.In the Skydeck, people want more activities to engage in.
  • People are on the go and need to do a lot quickly, easily, and efficiently.


We used the observations, insights, and insight clusters that my team and I uncovered during contextual inquiry to define a first-iteration set of requirements for the product. A concept map, a process flowchart, and four personas, four epics and over 20 user scenarios were created.


We conducted a card sort in order to produce a sitemap and task scenarios and specific design decisions. 


We created a prototyp and conducted four usaility tests to determine its effectiveness. The usability test consited of the completing the two task scenarios below. 

Other Work

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