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Product Development


Course: HCI 430- Prototyping and Implementation

Team Members: Vicky Moreira, Andrew Hahn, Leena Ansari, Alison Bodigheimer



To invent, design and user test a native app or web app that people can use on any device (of all screen sizes, including desktop, tablet and phone layouts).

Axure, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Photoshop, and inDesign.


I collaborated with my team members to design and test our new appplication.


Research comperative market, interviews, and uability tests.




We first defined the problem that we wanted to solve and the market for where our application would fit it. This helped us to determine the vision, value, and purpose of the application. The target audiances and th usage of the application accross different devices was also defined. To put it all together, a "happy path" storyboard was created at the end of this phase.


Research on competitors and the market was conducted. Ideas from various sources including Pinterest was explored.


The findings from the research helped us create major user stories, personas, and user flows through the application.


Low and high-fidelity wireframes for the major user stories in the application were generated using Axure to create a responsive prototype. Next, the visual design was determined and added to the protorype. This included the application's logo, brand and utility colors, typographic styles. Once this components were finalized, an interactive fidelity was added to the prototype such as pop-ups, show/hide animations, input fields, error messages, and validations. 


As a group, we wrote a usability test, prepared the prototype for testing, and conducted 12 user tests.


Our final prototype can be found HERE. It incorporates the design updates below that were inspired from the problems/findings gathered from the usability test sessions.

Other Work

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